My perspective on the creative industries is informed, based on years of experience of working with individuals, agencies, corporates and  ORGANISATIONS who put creative thinking in all its forms at the centre of their professional lives.  I have an MSc in Adult Development from The University of London but more importantly, the people I work with tell me that my consultative approach and positive intervention has been revelatory and has changed their minds about what they're capable of personally or as a company.  

I believe in the creative talent that's in all of us which is why I'm a Governor and supporter of The BRIT School: a very special school with free entry to young people and built on the premise that each student has a talent which can be nurtured and developed.  It's a place where the innovation and performing talent of the UK gets started.  

As a governor of THE BRIT SCHOOL Madelaine brings both wisdom and objectivity to the conversation. It is a great gift be able to challenge long-established patterns of thinking and/or behaviour in an empathetic and yet insightful way. 

The conversations are always thought provoking long after the moment has passed. As with all coaching, it is up to you to accept what you discover.