In the creative industries our collateral is our people.  That's why is pays to take an informed view about how you hire talent.  I work just as my clients work with their own projects - in a consultative, creative and strategic way to achieve innovative results and effective long term growth.  Whether working with customer engagement strategists, creative, strategic or managerial candidates my consultative approach quickly unpicks what and who is needed within the business to make a difference.  Clients and candidates say that I listen, then think and always deliver the best outcomes.  

I've worked on the development and growth of innovation, implementation and creative teams so that my clients have happy employees who are performing at their best.  I also work with senior managers to make sure they have a sense of continuing growth and achievement as their businesses become more complex and their own roles change dramatically. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, more than 60% of Fortune 500 execs work with a professional coach.  The feedback is that they benefit significantly from the investment in coaching.  Leaders in the creative industries are especially receptive to objective and informed coaching advice; their skills need refreshing, their personal well of ambition needs replenishing and they often just need someone smart to talk to.