Are you ready?

Ready to progress in your current organisation or to make a transition in your professional life?  Is it time to align your CV with your future ambitions as much as with your current skills?  Or have you run out of room in your current role and you don't know what you can be in the future?  

That's where I can help you.  Within the creative sector I'm known as a professional talent broker and business adviser.  From designer to managing director, I've recruited for creative agencies and corporate companies in the UK and Europe as well as across the USA and Asia for the past thirty years.  I've coached individuals and advised teams, guiding and encouraging them to be the best they can be as well as helping them reappraise and re-present themselves as their careers shift and the world changes around them.  Whatever we work towards, my advice is contexualised around what the marketplace is actually looking for.  

So if you feel it's time for you to change, progress and grow, let's bring your career aspirations into clear focus and make this happen. 

What clients say:

"I wanted to give you a little up date on, well me.  I am writing the email as I travel to my leaving drinks - having left my previous company I secured a new role with a company based in the city.  I am so excited about the future. So this is a very big thank you - none of this would have been possible without your guidance and patience.  I have continued to polish my story and all the preparation we worked on together was central to securing my new role."  Coaching client 2019

"I often think of you and the direct impact you had on my continuing successes with life in general, along with, of course, life at work.  Your wise words still continue to inspire and drive me forward.  I’ll never forget you telling me how I really needed to sell myself and to focus on the thing that I can do better than anyone else.  That advice has really stayed with me and is more relevant in todays world than ever before."  Steve, now running an agency in Australia